Over the long weekend I was lucky enough to spend some time wandering around Sydney, my highlight was spending some time (maybe too much time actually) in the Art & Design section at the incredible Kinokuniya book store! It was too hard to resist splurging, so after plenty of umming and ahing I decided on 'Reinventing Lettering' - I've only had time to flick through some of it but it looks amazing so far, definitely worth picking up!

My other favourite purchase is this nifty little Pattern Box "100 Postcards By Ten Contemporary Pattern Designers" - It's an adorable little box full of yep, you guessed it, postcards.

There's some amazing artists featured, two of my favourites are Eskayel & Victoria Garcia (pictured below). These little postcards are so versatile, the colours and patterns are pretty damn inspiring, and I think framed on a wall they would make for some pretty awesome wall art!

This handy little box of goodness can be found here :)

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