Here's a little glimpse into my humble abode. My partner and I moved in about 5 months ago, I'm absolutely smitten and I never want to leave! We hit the jackpot with this apartment, it was probably a bit silly to find somewhere so awesome for our first place because we'll have pretty high expectations for our next place.. Oops.

We pretty much had to start from scratch - we'd both lived out of home before but never bought proper furniture or anything. So that meant trips to one of my favourite places in the world - IKEA!! I'm constantly finding little knick knacks and I have a bit of a problem when it comes to walking away from awesome furniture (how amazing is my blue bedside table!)
My pride and joy is actually the dining room table & chairs (alas, not pictured), I painted them myself and it turned out so much better than I thought it would! Keep an eye out for a post dedicated to it :)

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