This week I've been hit pretty hard with the good old inspiration stick, so I decided it was time to give my blog a bit of an identity.
The name was something that just popped into my head - 'hase' would be pronounced the same as 'haze', but it actually comes from the German word for rabbit which is pronounced somewhat like 'har-zee'. I go absolutely mental for rabbits (I'm the proud mother of a handsome little devil called Alfie) and my heritage is German so it's the perfect combination! As for the 'bloom' part of it - who doesn't love flowers ;) It also symbolises growth, which is what I'm hoping to do by writing this blog.

One of my favourite design trends in the decor world at the moment is the art of paint dipping, so I decided to give it a go and see how well it would translate on the screen. Pretty happy with how it turned out!
Fairly certain that at the moment I am actually my only reader.. But hey, I'm having fun and I'll continue to do so because I need an outlet to keep those creative juices flowing (and now I’m just starting to sound like my uni lecturers so it's time to step away from the keyboard)

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