Last night when I was sorting through my folders on my computer I stumbled across a bunch of photos I'd taken years ago when I first got my first DSLR camera (circa 2009). Most of the photos weren't of anything spectacular, just things from around the house and a whoooole heap of trees and flowers! The photo above is of my absolute favourite flower, a Protea. Well, the King Protea might be my favourite, but they're at least in the same family! My point is, that sometimes it's so hard to remember the little things in life, and that's why I love being able to look back at all these precious little moments.

I do still use my camera occasionally, but not nearly as much as I did back then. I was absolutely crazy about photography and I would waste (well, not waste) hours editing and re-editing the photos that I'd taken. Looking back through the thousands of photos I have stashed away, it hit me how much I miss it! I never took photos for anyone but myself, and not even for any reason or purpose, but it sure did make me happy.

So, as of right now, I'm going to bust out my trusty old camera and try and get back to what I love doing. Here's hoping that I can get some of my inspiration back and get out of the annoying little rut that I seem to be stuck in!

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